Hero_At_Heart Wiki

Description: Allows your body to assume the features that it would need to survive in its current environment (growing gills to breathe underwater, for example). See the scale attribute for moreabout this.

Control: There is no control attribute for this power.

Range: At rank 1 you may only effect yourself. Starting at rank 5, you may begin to effect others as well, and at rank 5 you may only effect those you are touching. At rank 6, your range becomes 1 foot, and every rank thereafter doubles this range.

Area: At rank 1 you may only effect your target. At rank 2, you may effect anyone within one foot of your target, and every rank thereafter this amount is increased by one foot.

Intensity: There is no intensity attribute for this power.

Speed: At rank one, it takes ten turns of concentrating to begin using this power. Every rank thereafter, this amount is reduced by one. When it reaches zero, you may turn it on automatically, and at -1 it is considered "Always On."

Scale: At rank one, you may choose one type of environment to be adaptable to. At rank 5 and every 5 ranks thereafter, you may add a new type of environment.