STR: 10     INT: 100

AGL: 20     WLP: 85

DEX: 20     FTH: 40

REF: 40     FOC: 75

FOR: 10     PSY: 155

PER: 50     LCK: 55

FEAR: 40




The Akashic Keepers are the librarians of the Akasha, the Astral records of every bit of knowledge that ever existed and ever will exist. They appear on the Astral Plane as tall, wisened adult humanoids with slightly large craniums, and they give off a slight white glow.  Their eyes are normally solid white or solid black. There is normally one or two Keepers at each area of the Akasha.


The Akashic Keepers exist on the Astral Plane, and normally stay within the Akasha. This is not to say that they cannot leave, but they normally do not or would not.

Modus Operandi

The Keepers exist to guard the Akasha and help those who have a good reason to seek out knowledge. The Keepers will allow anyone into the Akasha, but can manipulate it as though it were their own pocket dimension. Thus, if they sense someone is looking for forbidden  knowledge, they can build up a wall around the area that contains that information, or cause it to temporarily cease to exist altogether. They are very intelligent and extremely neutral, so just because the party may believe the villain should not possess the knowledge does not mean that the Keepers will see eye to eye with them.


The Keepers cannot be destroyed or neutralized in any way. The only way to “defeat” them is to convince them that you are responsible enough to have the information they possess.

Story Seed

The diary of a seeming madman contains information which seems almost apocalyptic in nature, and some of the items contained in the diary are events which have already taken place. On closer inspection, the dates in the diary are listed as being well before the events took place. Is he a terrorist, or is he getting his information from somewhere else. If so, what is that source, and can it be used to fight back against the threats of apocalypse in the last pages of the diary?

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