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This section is a list of characteristics that may only be had by a player that is creating a character who is a member of an alien race. You may choose one option out of each section on the following listing. Note that for every item you choose that is listed with an asterix (*), you may choose an extra item off any list (only if it makes sense… don’t choose Tiny and Massive!). You may spend 10 additional Skill Points in order to purchase additional characteristics.

There are no limits as to what your new race may look like, so go crazy!












Dietary Habits[]

Scent Organs[]



Additional Characteristics[]

Finishing Touches…[]

That’s it for alien race creation. There’s a few more things you can do at this time to finish up. What is your race called? What planet do they hail from? Do they have any natural enemies or predators? How long do they generally live? What are their mating rituals like? What type of culture do they have, and what type of art, music, and literature do they have (if any). What is
their government like? You may want to determine what their general disposition is toward the human race, or any race for that matter. Are they warlike or pacifists? Technologically advanced or uncivilized? Trusting or cynical? Religious or scientific? If they are religious, you may want to come up with their religion as well. Do they worship one god or many? What are the names of their primary god and their religion? What do they do to worship their god or gods? Does their god really exist, and if so, what benefits does he (or she… or it) offer to the faithful? How important is religion to this race, and are there punishments for blasphemy and heresy?

Finally, and maybe most importantly (and fun!) is what the race looks like. If you are artistically talented, you may try sketching it out based on the traits you determined in this section. Does it have ridges or patterns or textures in its skin? Does it have a certain color of skin, eyes, hair, or fur? Is it beautiful or ugly?

Don’t forget to save this information so other players or the GM can make characters or NPC’s out of this race. The average base attribute assignments for the race will be based on the attributes of the first character you create of that race's attributes, and people creating new members of that race can assign them from there.