Hero_At_Heart Wiki

Area of Influence: Love, Passion, Lust, Sex, Compassion, Bravery, Flame, Rage

Appearance: Alumina appears as a young woman with pink eyes, pale pink skin, short shoulder-length black hair, and freckles. She wears a short red dress with bracelets made of fire and a great ruby on a gold fillet around her neck.

Personality: Alumina is normally rude and swift to anger with an air of authority. When she  becomes enraged, her hair and eyes burst into flames. However, she is the patron of those in love, and her demeanor becomes very soft and caring when she sees true love.

Code of Ethics: Alumina wants people to be true to themselves, and looks very kindly on any kind of sexuality except nonconsensual. She also respects a man who treats a woman well, and women who don’t let themselves become the objects of men, and those who protect true love or defend women from rape.

Gifts: She will only accept a passionate kiss, from either gender.

Spells: Alumina grants a Charm spell which causes anyone the mage touches to befriend them for one hour. She also allows the creation of a candle-sized flame at will.

Artifacts: The Seal of Alumina, the Brokenheart Spear, The Elixer of Love Eternal, The Heart of the Lovers, The Mirror of True Love