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STR: 90     INT: 90

AGL: 110    WLP: 155

DEX: 75     FTH: 165

REF: 110    FOC: 90

FOR: 115    PSY: 100

PER: 140    LCK: 100

FEAR: 160




Angelos (AHN-geh-lows) are messenger angels, and the word “Angelos” comes from the Greek word for Messenger. They appear in the classic way, having pale skin, golden hair, tall for a humanoid, wearing white robes and golden belts. They have solid black eyes, although they can change this to look human, and golden eagle wings which they can hide at will, instantly and effortlessly.


Angels come from the realm of their master deity, which is normally on the Spectral Plane and may be a unique pocket dimension. They may exist anywhere.

Modus Operandi[]

Angels exist in the world to do the bidding of their patron deity or to further their master’s cause. They normally just deliver messages, but if the situation is dire enough they can get involved, although as little as possible. They do their best to hide their true nature from all but those who absolutely must know, especially since knowledge of what they are may in some cases cause people who are opposed to their master to have to make a Fear roll against them. They will do their best to guide humans on a path that will lead to faith in and furthering the cause of their patron deity.


Physically destroying an Angel will simply send it back to its master’s realm for 24 hours, after which time they may return in a new body. The only way to truly destroy an angel is to trick them into accidentally opposing the will of their patron deity. This will either completely destroy them or cause their master to turn them into some kind of demon.

Story Seed[]

A nameless, homeless man is found badly injured, especially on both his shoulder blades. He swears that he was sent from God to tell humanity that the end of the world is coming, but then a more frightening truth comes out: he wasn’t sent to tell us, he was cast out of Heaven because he already tried.