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STR: 10    INT: 5

AGL: 10    WLP: 65

DEX: 10    FTH: 5

REF: 50    FOC: 25

FOR: 20    PSY: 90

PER: 30    LCK: 30

FEAR: 50




An Animus is an entirely Spectral or Astral entity, and has no set physical appearance.


Anywhere where a sufficiently terrible deed was done to create the Animus.

Modus Operandi[]

Animus are the projected power behind an act of true hatred. If someone does something sufficiently terrible that another person comes to truly hate that person, especially if that act caused death, there is a chance that an Animus may spring up from the hatred. It starts on an Astral level, as human emotion is given form there, building up into a pocket of Rage. If the person dies, the Animus gains power on a Spiritual level, and may then exist on both Planes. It will never exist with a physical form on the Physical Plane, although it can manipulate the physical realm if it becomes powerful enough. The purpose of an Animus is to release the pocket of Rage by hurting, killing, torturing, and destroying anything that enters its area of influence.

This could continue on forever, but the Animus will want to spread out and effect as many people as it can with its hatred. It uses the powers it possesses to spread out and cover as much area and as many victims as it can.


An Animus can theoretically only be defeated by allowing it to expend all its rage, although this could take an eternity of allowing it to have its way. It can be encountered and defeated in battle on the Astral Plane, or a deed can be done that counteracts the original act that created it.

Story Seed[]

A notable ESPER agent has just concluded a mission where he counteracted an Animus and undid its terrible evil. Exactly one week later, at the hour his logs record the mission was completed, he is torn limb from limb, his study painted red with his blood. What could have caused the entity to come back for vengeance against the person who helped release it?