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STR: 65    INT: 15

AGL: 45    WLP: 15

DEX: 30    FTH: 5

REF: 45    FOC: 60

FOR: 50    PSY: 5

PER: 5     LCK: 5

FEAR: 220




The Arctic Horror is not actually a Horror. It is thus named because it resembles a large white animal of some sort, with a long neck, long tail, bipedal with no front arms, but it has a face which is so terrifying to look on that people go mad just by doing so.


Commonly found in the Arctic wastes.

Modus Operandi[]

The creature is simply a type of Cryptid, attempting to live and survive in the frozen tundras of the North. However, evolution played a terrible joke on this creature, giving it no survival skills except for its ability to drive any creature that looks on it mad and a row of razor sharp teeth.


The Arctic Horror can be slain physically.

Story Seed[]

A radio message from an Arctic research station claims everything is fine, but the next  communication is nothing but maniacal screaming so horrible that even those who hear it go insane.