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STR: 10     INT: 90

AGL: 15     WLP: 85

DEX: 65     FTH: 65

REF: 80     FOC: 80

FOR: 50     PSY: 120

PER: 35     LCK: 75

FEAR: 55




An Astral Hunter is an entity that exists solely to protect the secrets of the astral plane. They appear on the plane as solid grey shadows, and will protect places on the plane that astral travelers are not permitted to go.


The astral plane, commonly in places where an astral traveler may stumble upon some secret or another.

Modus Operandi[]

Astral Hunters exist to keep the balance of knowledge and restrict the flow of knowledge by keeping astral travelers from discovering things that they have no business of finding. The Astral Hunters have no obligation to do this; they only do it to preserve the natural flow of the world and to prevent humans from becoming too powerful. If a human obtains knowledge on the plane that he does not earn, the hunters will perform Hound on him, and then will be able to locate him wherever he goes. They will begin by trying to get the target to relinquish their knowledge by visiting the target in his dreams. If this does not work after one month, they will offer one more horrifying dream and draining the victim's Psyche before getting serious. At this time they will create a Pocket Dimension, a special, private universe for their “negotiations.” They will use Astral Drag to pull the victim into this dimension, and will then attempt to destroy them. Battle on the plane occurs as usual, with the Astral Hunter materializing methods of destroying the target.


The only way to destroy an Astral Hunter is by defeating it in battle on the astral plane (which, considering the battle will take place in the Hunter's own private dimension, may be difficult). Astral Hunters are intelligent, however, and not entirely unreasonable. A middle ground may be able to be reached.

Story Seed[]

A man begins having terrible, realistic dreams of a shadowy entity commanding him to “Give it back!” Sometimes, the creature attacks him, and he wakes up with real injuries. He has no idea what the creature wants him to give back, but the dreams are getting progressively worse!