Hero_At_Heart Wiki

There are quite a few attributes in Hero@Heart games, in order to give you and the GM more control over each character's strengths and weaknesses. These attributes will be given a full description on their own individual listings page. Note that they are broken up into five physical, five mental, and two miscellaneous attributes. In the real world, a lot of the time people who are more gifted mentally have lesser physical attributes, and vice versa, although many times a person with strong mental capabilities can also build up their physical bodies in a few ways. When creating a character, you will need to determine which attributes are more important for your character, and distribute points among them in such a way as to demonstrate this. The attributes are:














When assigning attributes, assume that every attribute starts at 45, which is perfectly average. Wait until you have figured out more about your character, such as Race, which may alter your base stats, and certain Advantages  and Disadvantages , which may also change some things about your character. 

You may then subtract points from one attribute to give to another, evenly. Thus, if you start with 45 Strength and 45 Intellect, and you want your character to be more intelligent than they are strong, you might choose to take away 10 STR and give it to INT, leaving you with 35 STR and 55 INT. Remember, it is easier to do some of the math in the game if you do everything in 5% blocks.

Limitations on Starting Characters: No starting character may have less than 10 or more than 90 in any attribute. If they have chosen a race which gives them a bonus that would bring them above 90, this will be permitted, but a penalty that would bring it below 10 means either they will need to reassign some attribute points or choose a different race.

Optional: An optional method of attribute assignation is to start with all attributes at zero, and then give yourself 540 points to spend among them.