Hero_At_Heart Wiki

Description: This allows one of your senses to be hyper-augmented.

Control: There is no control attribute for this power.

Range: At rank 1, the range of your sense is doubled, and for each additional rank it is doubled again. Thus, if you can see something a hundred yards away, and you have this attribute at rank two, you could see it as though it were only 50 yards away, making your ability to make it out that much clearer.

Area: There is no area attribute for this power.

Intensity: At rank 1, your sense gives you a +1 bonus to all Focus rolls using that sense. At rank 5 and every rank thereafter, this bonus increases by 1.

Speed: At rank 1, it takes ten turns of concentrating before the power turns on. Every rank thereafter, this number reduces by 1. At zero, you can begin using your augmeented sense immediately. There is no reason to purchase additional ranks beyond this.

Scale: At rank 1, your augmented sense lasts one full round and wears off at the end of your next turn.