Description: Allows you to manipulate biological matter. Using this power you may heal, harm, shape, move, weaken, strengthen, or perform any other similar functions on living or dead plant or animal matter.

Control: This allows fine-tuning of the manipulation. At rank one, there is no real fine manipulation available, and the matter will simply retain its original shape. At rank 2, you may form the matter in such a way that details can be seen on a 10-foot scale or larger. For each additional rank, this scale reduces by one foot. At one foot, the scale changes to twelve inches, and every rank thereafter reduces that scale by one inch. At one inch, the scale transfers to centimeters, then millimeters, and continues getting smaller until the scale is microscopic.

Range: At rank one, you may manipulate a biological element that you are touching. At rank two, this range increases to one foot, and every rank thereafter doubles the previous range. This is also the range within which you can move that element.

Area: At rank one, you may only manipulate a biological element located at the origin of your power's range. At rank two, you may manipulate an element one foot around that origin point. For every rank above that, double the area of the previous rank. This also contributes to the area within which you can move the element.

Intensity: At rank 1, you may increase or decrease an attribute of the target by 1 rank. At rank 5 and every rank thereafter, this number increases by one. This may, for example, strengthen or weaken, heal or injure, harden into armor or soften to cause additional damage, etc..

Speed: At rank one, it takes ten rounds of concentration before you can begin manipulating the biological element in question. Every rank thereafter this number decreases by one. At zero, you may begin immediately. There is no reason to purchase additional ranks in speed.

Scale: At rank 1, the manipulation lasts as long as you concentrate on it. At rank two, it lasts one full round (or one full minute). Every rank thereafter doubles the duration of the previous rank. With the exception of intentional healing or damage, any other physical manipulations will be completely undone without harm to the target as soon as the duration ends. Injury will only take place if such injury is the intention of the power. Thus, an Odd with Biological Manipulation may stretch a friend ten feet to help him reach something, but may stretch an enemy ten feet in order to cause pain and injury.

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