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Blood Magick is any type of magick which is powered on the shedding of blood. It normally is cast using a type of incantation or to Imbue Energy on a focus object, although all of the energy raised for it is obtained through bloodshed. The caster sheds blood and then incants his spell. This method of spellcasting can raise a lot of energy very quickly. There is only one limitation on Blood magick: if the spell is generally beneficial, altruistic, or would be considered “good,” the blood can only come from a willing sacrifice. Murder will never grant any power toward a “good” spell.


The Magician characteristic.


A Blood magician must have a specific ritual dagger, called an athame, that he uses only for shedding blood for use in casting blood magick. If this knife is lost or used for any other reason, the magician must obtain another. This can only be done by making one yourself or being given one as a gift.


Energy is raised by obtaining blood. If bleeding yourself, a willing sacrifice, or a victim that is completely helpless, you can choose how much damage you want to do. Otherwise, you can raise energy by attacking an enemy using your ritual dagger. You can score as much blood energy as you wish before casting the spell, but you must cast the spell while the source of blood is still alive and bleeding. The amount of damage done is based on the target used. See the table below.

Energy Gained with Blood Magick
Poor Fair Good Excellent Exceptional
From small animal 5 25 50 150 300
From medium animal 7 30 75 250 600
From large animal 10 40 115 350 950
From Child 50 250 1000 2500 5000
From virgin older than 13 15 50 175 500 1250
From adult 10 35 100 300 900
From self 15 40 150 900 5000


Once the necessary energy has been raised, the magician must make a Willpower roll and declare his intention to the universe as though using Incantation. The result of the roll indicates the power of the spell effect.