Hero_At_Heart Wiki

Description: Allows you to fire a bolt of different types of energy for each instance of this power you have. Possibilities are lasers, fire, ice, radiation, plasma, ionic energy, etc..

Control: At rank one, you may target one target within your range with a single shot. At rank five and every five ranks thereafter, you may increase this number by one.

Range: At rank one, you may fire a bolt up to ten feet away before it sizzles out. Every rank thereafter doubles the range of the previous rank.

Area: At rank one, you may only hit your intended targets with a single bolt. At rank 2, you may choose to cause your blast to explode, causing half the damage to anyone in a 1' radius around the area of impact. Every additional rank doubles this area. 

Intensity: At rank one, the bolt will cause Poor damage. At rank 5 and every 5 ranks thereafter this amount is increased by one rank.

Speed: At rank one, you may fire a bolt every ten turns. With each additional rank, this number reduces by one, until you can fire multiple blasts in a single turn.

Scale: At rank one, the power is called "Bolt" and remains a simple bolt attack. At rank two, it becomes "Burst," and instead of firing a single bolt, it will fire a continuous burst for one additional turn per extra rank of scale. It is up to the GM to decide what effect this will have besides simply causing additional damage. The user will be able to spread fire, moving the beam around and hitting multiple targets, or just focus on one target or area.