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Characters who players use frequently will grow in their strengths and abilities over time, just like people in the real world who exercise their skills. Every play session, the GM awards players Development Points which can then be used between play sessions to buy character advancements.


There are five different areas of character development. During the play session, the GM takes note of the part each character plays in advancing the party in each area. He then ranks the character's performance on a scale of zero to five for each area. The different areas are listed in the chart below, along with a sample list of things you can do to receive a good ranking in these areas.

How to Gain Advancement Points
Area Description
Combat Skillful performance in combat; being an integral part of your party's victory in battle; performing outstanding combat maneuvers


Good interaction with both other player characters and non-player characters; taking the lead in such dealings, and good role-playing
Utility Best using one's skills to help the party in difficult situations
Adventure Good leadership, solving puzzles, advancing the story, and taking chances
Special Using one's special abilities such as Magick or Psi, and coming up with good and unique uses for them


You can gather your advancement points up to spend later, or use them to purchase character advancements in between play sessions. To purchase a rank in a skill, you must spend a number of advancement points equal to the rank of the skill you wish to buy. The following table shows which types of advancement points may be used for which types of skills, and how many points of each type it costs to raise attribute scores. No attribute may be raised higher than 25 more than the number you started with, and skills top out at rank 20.

A Note on New Skills: The GM should allow a player character to learn new skills only if the use of such a skill has arisen in the game session, along with an identifiable way for the character to have learned the skill. If this has occurred to the GM's satisfaction, the character may be considered to have the skill at rank zero and may purchase ranks in it from there as usual. Only the GM can apply new Advantages or Disadvantages.

Advancement Points Required to Gain One Attribute Point
Combat Points Interaction Points Utility Points Adventure Points Special Points
STR 5 10 15 20


DEX 10 15 5 20 N/A
AGL 5 20 10 15 N/A
REF 5 20 10 15 N/A
FOR 5 N/A 10 15 20
INT N/A 5 10 15 5
WLP N/A 5 10 15 5
FTH N/A 15 20 10 5
FOC 20 15 10 5 N/A
PSY N/A 5 10 15 5
LCK 20 5 15 5 10
PER N/A 5 15 10 N/A

Advancement Points that can be Used to Advance Certain Skill Types
Combat Points Interaction Points Utility Points Adventure Points Special Points
Combat Skills yes yes yes yes no
Knowledge Skills no yes yes yes no
Utility Skills no no yes yes no
Personality Skills no yes no yes no
Special Skills yes yes yes yes yes