Hero_At_Heart Wiki

Description: You can see something happening somewhere else.

Control: There is no control attribute for this power.

Range: At rank one, you can see something happening up to a mile away. Every rank thereafter, double the range of the previous rank.

Area: There is no area attribute for this power.

Intensity: At rank 1, you get a -3 penalty to clearly seeing what is happening. Every rank thereafter, this penalty reduces by 1, until it becomes a bonus which you may then increase indefinitely.

Speed: At rank one, it takes ten turns to activate this power. Every turn thereafter reduces this time by one. At 0, you may activate it immediately, and at -1 it is considered "Always On." There is no reason to increase this attribute beyond that point.

Scale: At rank one, only you can see. At rank five and every five ranks thereafter, you may show what is happening to one additional person within your line of sight.