Hero_At_Heart Wiki

Description: The user has the ability to create a clone of himself out of thin air.

Control: At rank 1, the clone stands there mindlessly. At rank 5, he can follow simple commands. At rank ten, he can follow complex commands one at a time. At rank 15, he can follow a string of complex commands, and at rank 20 the clone can be completely autonomous.

Range: At rank 1, the clone comes directly out of the user to a spot adjacent to him. At rank 2, the clone may appear up to 5 feet away. Every rank thereafter, add 5 feet to the range.

Area: At rank one, all the clones come out of the original clone to spots adjacent to him. At rank 2, the additional clones may appear up to five feet around the original clone. For every rank thereafter, add five feet to this number.

Intensity: At rank 1, the clones all have 10 for each of their attributes. For every additional rank, add ten to all attributes, not to exceed the amount the user has in each.

Speed: At rank 1, it takes ten minutes to create a single clone. Every rank thereafter, one clone may be generated in one less minute. If any clone reaches 0 minutes, they may be generated immediately. If they reach -1 minute, they are "always on," and upon destruction they will automatically regenerate 24 hours later. For every additional rank beyond that, this time reduces by one hour.

Scale: At rank one, you can generate one clone. At rank five, you can generate an additional clone, and every five ranks thereafter you may generate an additional clone.