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Cold Damage is caused when a character is exposed to cold temperatures over a long period of time. Every hour, the character can make a Fortitude roll, and if they fail, one rank of Cold damage is done to the furthest extremities (fingers, toes, nose, ears), and then the next time they fail this roll, one more rank of damage is done, and the frostbite moves inward to the hands and feet. The next time they fail, these injuries go up one rank and another rank of damage is done to the forearm and foreleg. The next time, the other damage goes up one rank and one rank of damage is done to the upper leg and upper arm. The next time, if the victim has not died of Fatigue Damage yet, they will definitely be dead.

Every hour that the victim is left in freezing conditions, they take 1 Fatigue Damage.

The same injuries can be caused by magick or cold-based weapons like a Freeze Ray, only the time becomes rounds rather than hours.

Healing these injuries requires Surgery, and if the damage has reached the total that limb can sustain the only way to heal the frostbite is to amputate the affected area.