Hero_At_Heart Wiki

Commune: Allows a mage to commune with something from his or her area of influence. For example, Commune Air might allow the mage to hear secrets blowing on the wind, while Commune Fauna may allow him to speak with animals.

Confuse: Confuse, on the other hand, takes away this ability from those that normally have it. Confuse Air may cause the winds to raise, causing a cacophany too loud for anything else to be heard. Confuse Intellect could cause a creature to fumble about stupidly, losing its ability to fight or even accidentally attacking its own allies.

The cost of such a spell is one point for every foot away from the mage the target is (if the target is a physical object or being), plus one point for every foot around that target point the spell is to effect, plus one point for every minute of duration.

The difference between Confuse and Confound is that Confuse takes some knowledge and distorts it (such as a person's ability to walk, or to realize which people are his friends or foes), and Confound makes the information itself distorted and unable to be realized properly, such as by garbling speech or text rather than the person's understanding of the speech or text.