Concentration rolls are required whenever someone is trying to concentrate on something important (most likely a task like casting a spell, trying to open an electronic lock in a hurry, or aiming a weapon for a precision shot), the GM may decide that something has happened that is disruptive enough to warrant a Concentration Roll. First, the GM decides the Difficulty Rating caused by the disturbance, and then the disrupted character makes a Willpower roll opposed by that difficulty rating, which he may modify with appropriate skills and Advantages. If the result is a failure, the character is disrupted and must begin the process over. Any level of success means he may continue unhindered.

Examples: Someone calling your name might be a Poor distraction. Almost being hit, run over, or shot might be a Fair distraction. The noise from being inside a factory might be a Good distraction, while the noise of a battlefield, especially with explosions going off all around you, might be an Excellent distraction. Being injured, frightened, or surprised may cause a distraction equal in rank to the result of the intruding factor.
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