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There are a lot of monsters available to use within the confines of the ESPER Universe alone. However, this universe contains the nightmares of the entire world, and as such, listing them all would be an incredibly difficult undertaking. Because of this, we offer here a way to make creatures from scratch so the GM can design his own terrible beasties for use in his campaigns.

Step One: Level[]

The first thing to decide when making a monster is how powerful it is going to be. Choose one of the very descriptive ranks off the following list in order to see how many Creature Creation Points you have to use to make the creature.

Creature Levels

Beasty…10 Points

Monster...15 Points

Lesser Servitor...15 Points

Greater Servitor...20 Points

Master...30 Points

Deity...40 Points

Horror...50 Points

Step Two: Attributes[]

The next important step is to set the attributes of your creature. You may purchase attributes in groups using your Creature Creation Points. The groups are: 

GROUP 1: Strength, Agility, Dexterity, Reflexes, and Fortitude

GROUP 2: Intellect, Willpower, Faith, and Focus

GROUP 3: Psyche, Persona, Luck, and Fear

For every point you spend on a group, you get 100 attribute points to assign to the attributes in that group. So, for example, if you spent three points on Group One, the creature would have 300 points to spend on Strength, Agility, Dexterity, Reflexes, and Fortitude. After messing around with that for a while, you could come up with something like this:

STR: 70

AGL: 65

DEX: 35

REF: 55

FOR: 75

A creature must have at least five points in every attribute, but there is no upper limit like there is for human characters.

Step Three: Characteristics[]

Start looking through the List of Creature Characteristics Characteristics to get an idea of the characteristics you want the creature to possess. Each characteristic may be purchased up to four times to increase its rank, making it more powerful, although there are some that won’t ever use more than one rank.

One Creature Creation Point will purchase one rank in any characteristic. You may purchase as many characteristics for your creature as you can afford.

Step Four: Powers[]

At this point, you may begin to purchase powers for your creature. Look through the List of Creature Powers to find out what the possibilities are for your creature. It costs one point to purchase a power.

You should then decide which attribute best fits the power. For example, a magickal power might best be suited by Willpower, while an Astral one might be suited to Psyche. The power starts out at the same level as that attribute. So, for example, if you choose Summon Servitor and decide it should be operated by the creature’s Willpower, which is 80, the number you need to roll on when using that creature’s Summon Servitor ability would be 80. You can then spend one Creature Creation Point to increase this number by five. Thus, if you spent four points, the number would be bumped up to 100.

Remember, there are a lot of powers that creatures can use in unique ways. Feel free to alter the effects of a power to suit how you want your creature to work, and don’t forget to describe in its Modus Operandi exactly how it uses its powers.

Step Five: Specifics[]

There are several other pieces of information you should begin thinking about as you finish your creature. These specifics are found in every creature listing:

Description: What the creature looks like.

Location: Where to find the creature.

Modus Operandi: What the creature does.

Neutralization: How to defeat the creature.

These four things are the most important part about your creature. They describe exactly what it is and what it does. You are free to make up the details for these as you see fit, but we have included some lists to make this easier for you. It also allows you to roll in order to randomize the elements.

What is the Creature’s Motivation?[]

1-5. To obtain Worship / Followers

6-10. To obtain contracts for human Souls

11-15. Shedding Blood / Causing Death

16-20. Its own Survival

21-25. Preserving its Solitude

26-30. Obtaining or maintaining Immortality

31-35. Revenge against someone or something

36-40. Escape / Release from bondage

41-45. Perversion of the Innocent

46-50. Obtaining Power

51-55. Obtaining an Artifact or Artifacts

56-60. Gaining Knowledge

61-65. To Follow its Master's Will

66-70. Animal Instincts / Rage

71-75. Perpetuation of a Lie

76-80. Perpetuation of a Legend

81-85. Perpetuation of Itself / Mating

86-90. It is driven by Madness

91-95. To Cause Madness

96-100. To bring about the end of the world/civilization

What is the Creature's Source of Power?[]

1-5. A specific location or its lair

6-10. Darkness

11-15. Fear

16-20. Madness

21-25. Death

26-30. Negative Emotions / Sin

31-35. A Substance or Object

36-40. Antiquity

41-45. A Part of Its Body

46-50. Psychic or Psionic Energy

51-55. Its Master

56-60. Electromagnetic Fields

61-65. Belief

66-70. Ritual / Magick

71-75. Mystical or Planetary Configurations

76-80. Memory / Knowledge

81-85. A Curse

86-90. Cursed Items / Locations

91-95. Environmental Conditions

96-100. Unreality / Dreams

What is the Creature's Method?[]

1-5. Brute Force / Murder

6-10. Temptation

11-15. An Ancient Ritual

16-20. Kidnapping

21-25. Lures / Promises

26-30. Possession

31-35. Trickery / Confusion

36-40. Invasion

41-45. Wheeling and Dealing

46-50. Enslavement

51-55. Manipulating Overall Circumstances

56-60. Infection

61-65. Subtle Influence

66-70. Hallucination / Altering Reality

71-75. Manipulating Natural Forces

76-80. Psychic Manipulation

81-85. Apathy (waiting for the stars to be right)

86-90. Assimilation

91-95. Enlisting Aid

96-100. Inconceivable Powers

How Does One Defeat the Creature?[]

1-5. A Substance

6-10. An Artifact

11-15. A Ritual / Incantation

16-20. Environmental Conditions

21-25. Disbelief

26-30. Positive Emotions

31-35. A certain method of physical death

36-40. Holy Symbols of a Particular God

41-45. Blessed Weapons / Places

46-50. Isolation / Imprisonment

51-55. Separation from a Source of Power

56-60. Fulfilling or Not Fulfilling Goals

61-65. Time Limit

66-70. Being Forgotten

71-75. Connection to its Origin (such as lifting a curse)

76-80. Being Outwitted

81-85. Justification

86-90. Fulfilling its purpose

91-95. Its own pride / Overconfidence

96-100. This creature cannot be defeated

Once you have determined all the factorsa that make your creature a force to be reckoned with, write a campaign or a single adventure employing it and be prepared to unleash it upon an unsuspecting world. The nightmares of your players are now yours to control!