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The following is a list of cybernetic parts which can be added to robots, androids, cyborgs, and cybernetically augmented lifeforms, or which your character can slap on at a local chop shop in downtown Detroit after losing an arm in combat.

In the listing, Base Stat shows what the stat of a robot built with that part would be, and if more than one item has a Base Stat listed for the same stat, a robot would add these numbers together. Stat Bonus shows how much of a bonus a cybernetically enhanced lifeform with that part would receive, although not a robot that is basing its core stat on the item. If two or more parts give stat bonuses, only one can be used at a time. Enhancement Cost shows how much it would cost to purchase one rank of the item if it were being purchased to upgrade an already-existing body part or system, and Part Cost shows how much it would cost to purchase the item at rank 1 if it were being installed from scratch (from there, you can upgrade it with the Enhancement Cost instead).

Brain Cybernetics[]

Skin Cybernetics[]

Ocular Cybernetics[]

Olfactory Cybernetics[]

Oral Cybernetics[]

Tactile Cybernetics[]

Aural Cybernetics[]

Bionic Enhancements[]

Internal Cybernetics[]