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Reagentry requires the use of Reagents, which are physical (ordinarily herbal) components which can be combined together to create spell effects. The following section contains a list of reagents that a magician can use in spellcasting. Each item has a different meaning when used in a spell, and the amount of the item which is used up is equivalent to spell points. Thus, in order to be fair, the Reagentist must keep careful track of his spell reagents.

Each item has the attributes which are described below.

Name: The name of the reagent.

Influence: The area of influence over which the item holds sway. This can be a Major or Minor Sphere of magic or a School of Magic. Thus, in order to cast spells, one must combine all the items from both Sphere and School.

Town Difficulty: The difficulty to find the ingredient at shops. The mage must make a Luck roll which can be modified by Research in order to find the ingredient. He must beat or exceed the rank shown in order to find it. The GM should only ever allow this roll to be made once per visit to a town.

Wild Difficulty: The difficulty to find the ingredient in the wild. The mage must make a Luck roll which can be modified by any of his herbal-based skills in order to find the ingredient. He must beat or exceed the rank shown in order to find it. He must also make sure he is searching in the right locale. The GM should only allow this roll to be made once per day. If a listing says “None” under difficulty, the reagent may be found without a roll.

Locale: The type of environment in which the ingredient can be found.

Cost Per Batch: How much it would cost to buy or sell a full batch of the ingredient.

Yield Per Batch: How many pinches of the ingredient can be found in a single full batch.

Note that a batch is usually the amount that can be fully harvested from one plant.
This is normally also the amount in which the ingredient is sold.

Reagent Influence Town Difficulty Wild Difficulty Locale Cost Per Batch Yield Per Batch
Liferoot Life, Health, Regeneration F G Grassland 100 10
Bannergrass Hope, Truth G F Grassland 250 15
Harkin's Root Fortitude F G Grassland 120 15
Purple Raincap Intuition F G Forest 200 5
Cactus Fruit Water E G Desert 950 5
Freezeflower Cold or Ice G E Arctic 675 3
Pond Reed Sound G P Fresh Water 80 5
Rose Petals Love F P Grassland 100 3
Crystal Magic F P Desert/Cave 400 1
Sage Wisdom P F Desert 70 10
Runroot Dexterity, Agility,
F P Grassland 140 20
Glass Reflection P E Desert/Cave 15 30
Sunroot Light, Day, Warmth F G Desert 135 5
Carrot Sight F P Grassland 5 3
Fern Illusion F P Grassland 25 3
Spiritreed Faith E E Forest 700 5
Bonedust Animals G F Animal 45 10
Dust Hunger N/A N/A Anywhere N/A 50
Rabbitweed Fertility F P Grassland 50 20
Violet Empathy, Compassion P F Forest 45 5
Tulip Air, Wind, Weather P G Forest 45 5
Lavender Scent, Sleep P F Grassland 45 5
Yellow Sand Lightning, Thunder,
E P Desert 750 10
Walnut Intellect P P Woods 5 1
Bindweed Friendship G F Desert 350 15
Any plant or wood Plants, wood N/A N/A Anywhere N/A 20
Kudzu Growth G E Grassland 800 15
Kingscrest Medicine F E Forest 850 5
Thirst Thistle Thirst F G Fresh Water 45 5
Hemlock Poison F F Forest 200 10
Eucalyptus Focus G F Forest 60 10
Iron Filings Metal, Magnetism P None Cave 200 30
Sand Earth P None Desert 10 50
Whitestone Protection F G Anywhere 20 1
Red Sand Bravery, Courage G E Desert 1200 30
Dandelion Strength P None Grassland 1 1
Sand Dollar Wealth, Luck, Fortune G F Beach 450 1
Mindweed The Future E E Forest 5000 5
Lilac Speed P G Grassland 40 1
Dead Mindweed The Past E E Forest 12,000 5
Thornroot Memory G P Forest 500 5
Dead Thornroot Entropy E P Forest 500 25
Gravedust Darkness, Night,
Death, Shadow,
Disease, Fear, Sorrow,
Vanity, Evil
G None Graveyard 50 25
Flameweed Fire G G Desert 200 10
Hero’s Thorn Combat G E Forest 350 5
Dramweed Skill G E Grassland 400 5
Doram Root Passion E G Mountain 900 5
Black Sand Hatred E E Mountain 1200 30
Hammerweed Justice E P Mountain 1500 10
Elvantar’s Star Willpower, Psyche E E Forest 20,000 5
Wildweed Insanity E E Cave 3000 15
Stinkweed Detection G P Forest 30 5
Visionroot Concealment E F Grassland 400 15
Eras’ Torch Root Creation G E Grassland 700 15
Mandrake Root Destruction G E Swamp 1400 20
River Foam Expansion F None Fresh Water 2 20
Sea Salt Contraction P None Ocean 1 35
Charcoal Projection P None Forest 1 20
Garlic Repulsion P G Grassland 1 10
Stencilroot Shaping G G Mountain 15 5
Dormu Leaf Alteration E F Forest 400 5
Errianna’s Ear Leaf Enhancement E E Forest 3000 10
Mindelwood Detraction G P Mountain 200 15
Arrum Grass Collection G P Grassland 250 5
Redroot Dispersion G P Grassland 200 5
Holy Flower Transmutation E E Mountain 6000 10
Gantharr’s Gift Root Imbuement E E Mountain 4500 10
Tennen’s Leaf Imposition G P Forest 60 5
Houndsear Leaf Deposition G P Forest 120 5
Dragon’s Blood Petal Summonation,
Unsealing, Evocation
E E Mountain 8000 5
Phoenix Tail Leaf Banishment, Sealing,
E E Mountain 7500 5
Heraldroot Reversal F G Grassland 200 5
Torm Root Advancement F G Mountain 500 10
Thornleaf Infliction P G Forest 400 5
Whitestone Protection F F Anywhere 20 1
Hemlock Weakening F F Forest 200 10
Grondun Root Strengthening G E Mountain 2000 10
Mageweed Analyzation E E Mountain 8000 15
Brown Cap Confusion G E Forest 300 5
Whitecap Resistance G E Forest 300 5
Stoneweed Permittance G E Forest 300 15
Deadly Nightshade Cursing F G Forest 550 5
Silverleaf Blessing P E Forest 400 10