Hero_At_Heart Wiki


STR: 90    INT: 100

AGL: 100   WLP: 100

DEX: 85    FTH: 95

REF: 90    FOC: 65

FOR: 140   PSY: 45

PER: 65    LCK: 5

FEAR: 55


Demons are particularly powerful entities, and as such they can use any of the powers listed. However, they normally only have a handful of powers they use on a regular basis. The GM should choose about 1 to 3 powers beforehand to keep continuity. Furthermore, demons can use magick with a +1 bonus rank.



Principalities are the leaders of the ranks of darkness. They influence certain areas of negative
energy, such as Lust, Murder, Hatred, etc.., and their appearance varies but will always be humanoid and somehow related to their areas of influence. They prefer to look like regular humans when doing their dealings, but a Faith roll can reveal their true nature.


Demons can be found anywhere their influence can be felt.

Modus Operandi[]

Demons exist in our world to carry out the smaller intricacies of the plans of their masters.
Any Deity or Horror of a negative alignment can have demons under them, and normally have many located in cities around the world where their influence is felt. They begin their infiltration of our society by possessing a human and working their way into a situation where they can best be of service to their diabolical masters. They will use their influence in regards to various things that are often believed to be evil or negative in order to control matters on a larger scale, keeping secret their true identity. Many times they work as bodyguards or advisers,
but only very rarely as the person in charge.


Demons can be killed physically, but this will not destroy their spirit, and they will simply resume
their existence in the physical world by possessing another human host. They can be exorcised or trapped using magickal means as well.

Story Seed[]

A little girl is seen dancing through the streets every night for a month. At the end of the month,
another child begins dancing with her. Every month, another joins. Questions as to what this means begin popping up everywhere in town, until finally a news crew shooting them from a helicopter finds the answer in the most horrible way possible: the children and their shadows as they appear at exactly three in the morning spells out “DEATH.”