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STR: 60     INT: 25

AGL: 75     WLP: 35 

DEX: 85     FTH: 50

REF: 80     FOC: 75

FOR: 120    PSY: 20

PER: 15     LCK: 20

FEAR: 65




A Devil is a physical creature, a monster that hunts in order to keep its home secret and its way of life safe. They are not evil, as people normally define evil, but they are often seen to be so because of their appearance and the ferocity with which they rip apart their prey. There is no “standard” appearance for a devil: they are different wherever they may be found. The Jersey Devil is a famous example of such a creature.


Devils live in hidden places that humanity either forgot, hasn't found yet, or is too afraid to go. Ancient forests, sprawling ruins of forgotten human cities, and deep caves are some of the places they may live. The Jersey Devil makes its home in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.

Modus Operandi[]

The Devil and its pack simply live their lives from day to die, hunting prey from rabbits to moose. They will tend to stay away from civilization, but if civilization spreads into their turf, it may cause their prey to leave the area. In this case, in order to fulfill its desire to eat flesh, the Devils will send one hunter (which is why so many people believe that there is only one Jersey
Devil) to carry away pets, livestock, and sometimes even people for food. The creatures will fight with all of their available abilities to drive away or kill intruders.
Because of human fear and sensationalism, local legends (usually very false) will normally arise surrounding the creatures. For example, it was believed that the Jersey Devil was the cursed son of a witch.


Being physical creatures, a Devil may be killed using mundane methods.

Story Seed[]

A town has been being plagued by odd cattle mutilations. The town has become a vacation stop for alien enthusiasts, and the local general store has become a gift shop selling plastic UFO's and alien masks. Things only escalate when one of the tourists claims to have seen the creature: a large humanoid with a horse-like head and bat wings. The next day, the tourist
turns up dead, drained of blood and horribly mutilated.