Hero_At_Heart Wiki

Weapons can be drawn or picked up while moving or standing still. Everyone engaged in combat with the person drawing the weapon who has a spare action available to them has a chance to roll a Reflexes roll to see if they can react in time to the drawing of the weapon to stop it from happening. This Reflexes roll can be enhanced by any skills the GM finds relevant, such as Catch . The person drawing the weapon may use the weapon skill related to the weapon being used to enhance the draw. If there is no resistance, then no roll is required to draw a weapon and no time is required to do so.

To make a Fast Draw roll, simply roll Reflexes plus any skill you may have dealing with that particular weapon. An opponent also making a Fast Draw does the same thing, and whoever's success rank is greater draws first, and thus may attack his (still unarmed) opponent first. A character with the Quick Draw Advantage gains a +1 rank bonus.

If a weapon is lost or needs to be drawn in the thick of combat, one entire turn must be spent doing so unless the character has the Quick Draw Advantage.