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STR: N/A    INT: 30

AGL: N/A    WLP: 55

DEX: N/A    FTH: 35

REF: N/A    FOC: 30

FOR: N/A    PSY: 20

PER: 45     LCK: 5

FEAR: 65




An Earthbound Spirit is the spirit of a human being which has been hindered from passing
on to the afterlife due to some connection on earth. They appear very much in death as they did in life.


Wherever human emotions have soared to the point where the Earthbound Spirit has a connection that will not let it go.

Modus Operandi[]

An Earthbound Spirit is the traditional “friendly” ghost, which has unfinished business or an attachment to the world which keeps it from progressing on to whatever afterlife it should have in store. These spirits have a number of variable attributes. For example, they may or may not know they are alive, and if they don’t but find out they may become violent. They may be  connected to a person, place, or object. They could have died suddenly and cannot rest until their bones are laid to rest, their killer is found, or their lover can let them go. It’s up to the GM to determine the ghost’s story and figure out what methods it uses to accomplish its goals.


Likewise, the GM must determine, based on the ghost’s story, the method for setting it free.

Story Seed[]

The party, exhausted from bringing down a ring of Cultists in Boston, is on their way back
to their home base. They need a night to rest before continuing home, so they stop at a small roadside motel. However, the next morning, the agent in room 316 reports that he saw a young woman with a noose around her neck standing at the foot of his bed. She pointed to it and shook her head “no.” The agent is convinced it was not a suicide, and refuses to leave until he finds her killer.