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The following is a list of magickal energy charts. Go through these to decide how much spell energy a spell will require before casting it.


How far the center of the spell effect will be from the magician.

Spell Points Required for Range
Range Spell Points
Self 5
Touch 1
per foot away 1
per mile away 4000
If on a Different Plane or Dimension add 1000
Per Planet Away 10,000
Per Solar System Away 100,000
Per Galaxy Away 1,000,000


How large an area the spell affects from its center. Note that you can affect as many creatures as you want by calculating the range to the target furthest away from you, and then multiplying the appropriate amount on the chart below by the number of creatures you want to affect. Thus, if you want to cast a spell on 4 humans, and the furthest of them is 60 feet away, you spend 60 points for the range, and 20 more for the area of effect (4 Size 1 creatures at 5 points each), for a total of 80 points.

Spell Points Required for Area
Area of Effect Spell Points
Smaller than 1/4 size creature 1
A 1/4 size Creature 2
A 1/2 size Creature 3
A 3/4 size Creature 4
Per Size of Creature* 5
Per 5 Pounds of Nonliving Target 1
Per Square Foot of Area 5
Per Mile of Area 4000
Per Planet or Dimension 10,000
Per Solar System 100,000
Per Galaxy 1,000,000
If target is Microscopic 50
  • A Normal human is considered Size 1


How long the spell will last.

Spell Points Required for Duration
Duration Spell Points
Instant Effect / No Duration 0
Per Turn 1
Per Round 5
Per Hour 50
Per Day 100
Per Month 1000
Per Year 10,000
Per Lifetime 100,000
Per Century 1,000,000
Forever 5,000,000


A magician may increase the success rank of the spell by doubling the amount of spell points for every +1 bonus they need. Thus, if the spell they were casting cost 12 energy points, they could get a +1 bonus by raising 24 spell points, a +2 bonus by raising 48 spell points, a +3 bonus by raising 96 points, and a +4 bonus by raising 192 points.