The following is a list of all the standard equipment that one might use in a Hero @ Heart campaign.

Melee Weapons

This is a list of weapons that can be used in melee combat.

Melee Weapon Listing
Weapon Damage Extra Info
Dagger Poor Sharp/Fair Puncture
Short Sword Fair Sharp or Puncture
Long Sword Fair Sharp/Good Puncture
Broad Sword Good Sharp/Good Puncture
Great Sword Good Sharp/Excellent Puncture
Hand Axe Fair Sharp
Battle Axe Fair Sharp/Good Crushing
Great Axe Good Sharp/Good Crushing
Mace Good Crushing
Club Fair Blunt
Morning Star Fair Blunt Negates 1 rank of armor
Spear Fair Puncture
Halberd Good Puncture/Fair Sharp
Pipe / Bat Fair Blunt
Brass Knuckles Double Fortitude damage from punches
Chain Poor Blunt Can be used to suffocate or ensnare
Chainsaw Excellent Mauling Will run continually for one hour on one tank of gas
Staff Poor Blunt
Whip Poor Blunt Can be used to suffocate or ensnare

Ranged Weapons

The following is a list of ranged weapons, including weapons that can be thrown.

Ranged Weapon Listing
Weapon Range Spread Damage Ammo Rate of Fire Reload Time
Derringer 10' 0 Fair Puncture 1 1 10
Revolver 2000' 0 Good Puncture 6 1 8
Handgun 2500' 0 Good Puncture 12 1 6
Semiautomatic Handgun 2500' up to 10' Good Puncture 12 3 per turn 6
Assault Rifle 3000' up to 20' Good Puncture 45 4 per turn 6
Hunting Rifle 4000' 0 Good Puncture 8 2 8
Sniper Rifle 5000' 0 Excellent Puncture 6 2 8
Uzi 1000' up to 25' Good Puncture 50 10 per turn 5
Shotgun 100' 10' Good Mauling 2 1 6
Javelin STR of thrower in feet 0 Good Puncture n/a n/a n/a
Darts 20' 0 Poor Puncture n/a 2 n/a
Shurikens 25' 5 per shuriken Poor Sharp n/a 5 per turn  n/a
Short Bow 100' 0 Fair Puncture n/a 3 6
Long Bow 200' 0 Fair Puncture n/a 4 6
Compound Bow 300' 0 Fair Puncture n/a 5 6
Hand Crossbow 80' 0 Poor Puncture n/a 1 6
Crossbow 250' 0 Fair Puncture n/a 1 8
Heavy Crossbow 400' 0 Good Puncture n/a 1 12

Heavy Weapons

This list contains heavy weapons designed to do large amounts of damage.

Heavy Weapons
Weapon Range Damage Reload Time
Rocket Launcher 1200 feet Good Mauling 1 round
Minigun 3000 feet Excellent Puncture 5 rounds
Flamethrower 50 feet Good Fire 3 rounds
Grenade feet equal to STR Fair Mauling n/a
Flashbang feet equal to STR Good Vision and Hearing Damage n/a
Shrapnel Grenade feet equal to STR Good Mauling n/a
Teargas Grenade feet equal to STR Knockout n/a
Molotov Cocktail feet equal to STR Fair Fire Damage n/a
Tank Cannon 9 miles Excellent Mauling 5 rounds


This is a list of different types of armor.

Armor Listing
Armor Type Protection Strength Extra
Cloth None Heavy Cloth clothing provides Fair protection against Cold
Leather Poor Good vs. Sharp
Kevlar Good No protection vs. Crushing
Chain Fair
Scale Good
Plate Excellent


The following is a list of equipment of all sorts that might be used by characters in a Hero @ Heart campaign.

Equipment Listing
Item Description
Binoculars Allows viewing things from a great distance, including granting +1 to sight-based focus rolls.
Bullet, Armor Piercing Reduces armor bonuses by 1 rank
Bullet, Hollow Point Breaks apart inside the target, causing Mauling instead of Puncture damage and reducing Surgery rolls to heal the target by 1 rank
Cell Phone Allows calls as long as there is signal, which is up to the GM. Smartphones can be loaded with various apps, which is up to the GM

This can be used as a Blunt weapon (Fair damage), but can also be used to prise open doors or crates. Certain crowbars have tire irons on them which will help in changing a tire

Cutting Torch

This torch allows the person using it to cut through metal as long as it has fuel

Digital Camera Allows the user to take photographs which can be stored on digital media and edited using digital applications
Electric Lantern

This allows an area of 50 square feet to be illuminated with nonmagickal light

Electric Torch

This is a heavy-duty, high-candlewatt flashlight, which has an effective range of 100 feet

First Aid Kit

A First Aid Kit increases the rank of all First Aid rolls by one. Some injuries may not be able to be healed using the items in a first aid kit, as per the GM, and some may not be able to be healed without them


A flashlight causes a beam of light which allows visibility in a 20 foot line


These allow a person to be restrained. Attempting to break them requires a Strength roll with a Good Difficulty Rating, and trying to damage them is like attacking Good armor


The uses of a laptop are virtually limitless. Allow the GM to help you figure out the types of software and hardware installed on the laptop and how it can help you in the field

Laser Scope

This will allow a sniper to make a Focus roll before his attack to use as an assisting roll to his attack. 


This is a kit that must be in the possession of someone trying to use the Lockpicking skill. A similar item, called a Jimmy, must be used to use the Lockpicking skill on a vehicle.


A maglight is a heavy-duty flashlight which will provide visibility in a 30 foot line. It can also double as a Fair Blunt damage weapon.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray causes 1d10 Fortitude damage and Fair vision damage if sprayed into the face of a target.


Rope is very useful for climbing, tying things off, or tying people up.


A silencer, which can only be applied to a handgun, allows the weapon to be fired without a sound, thus preventing it from alerting nearby enemies.


A stethescope can help diagnosing internal injury or sickness. However, its best (although not primary) use is to grant a +1 rank to Safecracking rolls


A Taser is a weapon which deals Fair Electricity damage to the target that is touched by it. Some tasers can be fired, causing this damage up to 15 feet away, but they must then be reloaded, which takes 10 turns and cannot be done in the middle of combat

Tool Kit

A tool kit includes items which could help someone perform tasks which would require certain tools. Consult your GM to find out if the job you are doing requires a tool, and if your toolkit has such a tool in it


A Walkie Talkie allows for short range communication (2 miles maximum) with someone equipped with a similar radio

Welding Torch

A welding torch allows its user to weld together two pieces of metal. This may be useful, for example, in repairing a damaged piece of equipment, building or repairing armor, or welding shut a steel door

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