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Fire Damage is damage caused when a character is somehow burned. If the injury gets to the point where the body part can sustain no more injury, a limb will be burned away completely, but the torso or head will remain (note, however, that a fire that engulfs the head will also damage the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc.). Burning can cause severe skin damage, and the GM may impose ranks of Ugly on a burn victim. 

A burn that is Poor or Fair can be healed with First Aid, but a Good or better burn will require Surgery

If a victim is on fire, they take Fatigue Damage equal to the rank of the fire burning them every turn that they remain on fire, and take double the Fatigue Damage to all other injuries made against them while on fire. A fire can burn a person to death in this way, but the injury from a burn can never exceed the rank of the fire burning the person. Someone burning themselves with a match will never be able to burn off a limb, unless the fire ignites their clothes and then the house they are in and becomes much larger.

Fire Rank Table
Rank Type of Fire
Poor Match, lighter, clothes or hair catching fire
Fair Torch, sconce, small campfire
Good Bonfire, flamethrower
Excellent House fire, napalm
Exceptional Hellfire, dragon breath