Hero_At_Heart Wiki

Ranged Energy Weapons[]

Weapon Range (in ft) Spread Damage 1 charge = how many shots? Rate of Fire Reload Rate Cost
Laser Blaster 4000 0 Fair Puncture N/A 1 5 8000
Laser Rifle 10,000 0 Excellent Puncture N/A 1 5 10,000
Laser Cannon 3000 10' Good Puncture N/A 1 5 9000
Laser Repeater 6000 up to 50' Fair Puncture N/A -5 5 15,000
Ion Blaster 2000 0 Fair Mauling N/A 1 5 10,000
Ion Rifle 4000 0 Excellent Mauling N/A 1 5 15,000
Ion Cannon 3000 20' Good Mauling N/A 1 5 10,000
Ion Repeater 3500 up to 30' Fair Mauling N/A -3 5 11,000
Plasma Blaster 3000 0 Fair Fire N/A 1 5 14,000
Plasma Rifle 8000 0 Excellent Fire N/A 1 5 15,000
Plasma Cannon 4000 10' Good Fire N/A 1 5 15,000
Plasma Repeater 7500 up to 40' Fair Fire N/A -5 5 16,500
Plasma Shotgun 500 40' Good Fire + Knockback / Knockdown N/A 1 5 16,000

Melee Energy Weapons[]

Weapon Type Damage Melee Range Special Effect Cost
Laser Cutlass Mauling Good 5' N/A 21,000
Electroblade Sharp+Electric Fair 5' Stun 1 full round per rank of damage 14,500

Special Grenades[]

Weapon Range Splash* Damage Vehicle Damage Group Damage** Reload Rate Cost
Ion Grenade 35' 50' Good Mauling Good 3 1 120 each
Plasma Grenade 35' 50' Good Fire Fair 5 1 250 each
Sticky Grenade*** 35' 5' none None 0 1 75 each
  • Reduce one rank in damage based on how many feet away the target is from ground zero, based on Splash range. For example, if a target is hit by a bazooka, he takes Excellent Mauling damage. If he is 30 feet away, he takes Good Mauling damage. If he is 60 feet away, he takes Fair Mauling damage. If he is 90 feet away, he takes Poor Mauling damage, and if he is 120 or further feet away, he is free from damage.
    **Number indicated is number of additional deaths among opponent team; multiply by number of combatants wielding the weapon, then add to the number of opponents that originally would have died. For example, if a player character's attack originally would have been responsible for a loss of 5 opponents, and two of the people on his side were using Missile Launchers, add 16 to the losses among the enemy forces (meaning 21 opponents would die).
    ***Sticky Grenades are designed to be thrown at a body part, and they explode in a super-sticky glob that will incapacitate that body part.

Special Armor[]

Armor Protection Cost
Polyfiber Armor Fair against all melee damage, fair
against all energy weapons, Poor vs. all others
Multiphasic Armor Fair against all damage including
energy, Poor vs. Plasma
Reflective Armor Fair vs. all damage, including energy,
Good vs. Lasers, Poor vs. Ion
Refractive Armor Fair vs. all damage. Good vs. Energy
weapons, Poor vs. Plasma, Excellent vs. Lasers
Light Military Armor Fair vs. Energy Weapons, Good vs.
other types
Medium Military Armor Good vs. all types, including Energy
weapons, Fair vs. Ion
Heavy Military Armor Excellent vs. all types, Good vs. Energy weapons, Fair vs. Ion 55,000
Heavy Mercenary Armor Good vs. all types, Excellent vs. Energy
Weapons, Good vs. Ion, Poor vs. Plasma
Powered Armor Excellent vs. all types, Good vs. Energy
Weapons, Poor vs Ion. All STR and
AGL rolls +1 rank
Humanoid Mecha Armor Exceptional vs. all types, Good vs.
Energy Weapons, Fair vs. Ion. STR,
AGL, and RFL rolls all +1 rank

Special Equipment[]

Communicator: Uses Long Range scanning technology to communicate with ships and other
communicators set to the same frequency. Usual range allows them to reach ships in
orbit. 300 credits

Space Suit: Allows for the wearer to exist in the vacuum of space without suffocating or freezing. 1400 credits

TeleBelt: Allows the wearer to teleport to a pre-programmed location. 3500 credits

Cold Suit: Allows the wearer to stay at 98.6 degrees F in sub-zero temperatures. 900 credits

Heat Suit: Allows the wearer to stay at 98.6 degrees F in temperatures up to 1500F. 950 credits

Hazard Suit: Allows the wearer to be in the presence of radiation and other environmental hazards without being affected. 1250 credits

Rebreather: Allows the wearer to breathe for one hour in a situation where there is no oxygen. 800 credits

Psion Helmet: Increases a Psion’s psychokinetic output, giving them a +1 rank to all Psionic rolls. 4500 credits

Sci-Scanner: Allows for scanning an area around 2000 feet for any information that ship’s scanners might be able to discern, such as health of a subject, location of lifeforms, material
makeup, energy signatures, etc.. 6500 credits

Breathing Tank: Adds four hours of time to a rebreather’s time. 100 credits

Compu-Helmet: Allows for the wearer to have an uplink to the ship’s computer system, and overlays textual and visible displays in their line of sight. 8000 credits

Personal Shield Generator: Allows the wearer to raise an energy shield which will stop all energy weapons from reaching the wearer. It can take up to five Excellent hits before it goes down, and it needs to recharge for ten minutes before it can be brought back up whenever it goes down. 12,000 credits

C-47: Explosives which can be planted and explode after a set time limit expires, dealing Exceptional damage to everything in a 25 foot radius. 200 credits

Retro-Boots: Allow for easy moving in zero-gravity situations. 2500 credits

Anti-Grav Boots: Causes the wearer to remain attached to the floor in zero-gravity situations. 1800 credits

Jetpack: On one tank of fuel, this device will allow the wearer to fly at speeds of up to 10' per turn in any direction for one hour. 15,000 credits