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The Great World Spirits are the spirits which control the realms of nature. Eras, the spirit of Life and Light, Lord of Creation, built the world and allowed the Spirits to populate it with their own gifts, and still today they maintain magical control over everything that falls into their realm of influence.

The following is a list of the major spirits. It gives the following information:

Name: The name of the spirit, including its full title.

Area of Influence: The areas over which the spirit holds sway.

Appearance: How the spirit looks when it appears to people.

Personality: How the spirit acts when it makes itself present with the people of Cyrnest.

Code of Ethics: How followers of this spirit must act if they want to be able to perform Devotional Magic with this spirit.

Gifts: Gifts that a Devotional Magician must give to the spirit if he Evokes it in order to keep the spirit pleased.

Spells: The spells that a spirit will grant to be cast freely by devotional practitioners.

Artifacts: Items of antiquity and power which can be found in Cyrnest that were left as gifts by the spirits to the ancients who once served them.

Listing of Great World Spirits[]