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Welcome to the Hero @ Heart Wiki[]

This is your one stop location for everything you need to play the Hero at Heart RPG (except the dice). Every rule, every campaign setting... everything is here for your perusal and use.

And it's all FREE.

Hero At Heart is a roleplaying system which is community-driven. Players and GM's can add to the system (or help perfect and refine it, through community concensus), and this wiki has been designed as a one-stop where you can quickly and easily access any of the rules or different campaign settings with a few simple clicks. Feel free to come in, be a part of the community, add to the game, and share your own adventures!

There are a number of campaign settings, each with their own unique skills, characteristics, magic, special abilities, and more, which can all be shared between settings. Here's just a few of them:

Days of Old

Star Captain


What You Get in the Hero@Heart System[]

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A Sample of Hero at Heart gameplay





Campaign Settings[]

Under the Hero at Heart system, you can play in any world you want, even one of your own creation. Feel free not just to play in our worlds, but to help us grow and add your own, including your own unique skills, advantages and disadvantages, magic, etc.


To Do List[]

Here's a list of stuff that anyone should feel free to work on!

  • Playtesting and perfecting the rules, especially combat, ship combat, Magick, Psi, and Odd Powers (note: Odd Powers have never been playtested)
  • Adding Classes to any of the campaign settings, by creating preset base attributes, skills, equipment, etc..
  • Adding Artwork (especially on monsters)
  • Adding new campaign settings (try to follow the layout of the current settings, see above)
  • Adding stories, either fiction or from in-game experiences
  • Add your characters!
  • Add new monsters, skills, items, spells, powers, etc.
  • New alien races for Star Captain, races for Days of Old, etc.
  • Whatever else!

Feel free to do whatever you want to add to the Hero at Heart system, just please remember to only change pages that have already been established after discussion and concensus. Also, please try to keep to the mood of the system you are working in... If you want to make a comedy setting, that's fine, just make sure you don't put it within a serious campaign setting. No "Scooby-Doo-ing" in ESPER!

ALSO: If you enjoy playing this game, please tell your friends, share on Social Media and sites like Reddit, and most important of all, run games so others can experience it and do the same!

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