Hero_At_Heart Wiki

Area of Influence: Darkness, Death, the Undead, the Physical Body, Evil, Hatred, Jealousy,  Chaos, Base Instinct, Dark Desires

Appearance: Keramis appears as a middle-aged woman, sexually attractive but not necessarily beautiful. She can be of whatever race suits her at the time. She is normally seen wearing a black velvet robe with crimson lining and gold trim, and her hair is dark red streaked black. Her eyes are solid black, and she is always cloaked in dark mist.

Personality: Keramis is nothing but evil, and she only has her own gain in mind.

Code of Ethics: Her minions must do evil and bow to her will at every turn.

Gifts: When Keramis arrives, one must instantly kill something living before her.

Spells: Keramis can give her minions the power to control any one undead that can hear her voice, and she can also allow them to fire bolts of black energy that drain their Fortitude.

Artifacts: The Seal of Keramis, Elucion: the Sword of Dark Wisdom, The Fountain of Tears,  Blackheart: the Blade of Doom, The Crown of Kryl