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The magician can alter time. This means he can slow it down, speed it up, or stop it completely. An unwilling target within the area of effect can attempt to resist the effect with an opposed Willpower roll. Rules for alteration of time can be found under Chronokinesis. The effect only takes place for its individual targets or those within its area of effect: time runs normally for everyone else. The amount of energy expended to alter time is a multiple of the duration element, based on the following table.

Energy Requirement for Time Manipulation
Effect Multiplier
Reverse time one thousand years x15
Reverse time one hundred years x14
Reverse time ten years x13
Reverse time five years x12
Reverse time one year x11
Reverse time one month x10
Reverse time one week x9
Reverse time one day x8
Reverse time one hour x7
Reverse time one minute x6
Reverse time one turn x5
Stop time x4
Slow time by three quarters x3
Slow time by half x2
Slow time by one quarter x1
Speed up time x2 x1
Speed up time x3 x2
Speed up time x4 x3
Advance time one turn x4
Advance time one minute x5
Advance time one hour x6
Advance time one day x7
Advance time one week x8
Advance time one month x9
Advance time one year x10
Advance time one decade x11
Advance time one century x12

Thus, to find the total energy energy requirements for a time manipulation, find the range and area of effect (ie. the number of energy points required to affect the targets or target area), then multiply that amount by the multiplier above, then multiply that number by the number of units of time you want to use. For example, if you discover it will cost 20 points to affect all the targets you want to affect, and you want to send those targets three years in the past, you would multiply 20 by 11 (the multiplier for reversing time one year), then you would multiply that by the number of years, so by 3. The total is 660 points - a lot, but not much when you consider all the universe-breaking implications of being able to do this.