Hero_At_Heart Wiki

Skill Class: Combat

Unskilled Usage: can't be used unskilled

Prerequisite: AGL 60+

You have trained mind and body to be weapons in and of themselves. You may use your talents to attack barehanded with fists, feet, head, knees, and elbows, to block attacks with your fists and feet, to counterattack after being both hit and missed, to grab and throw or subdue an opponent, or to capture an attack. Every five ranks your rate of fire with a bow goes down by one, and you may choose a particular melee weapon to be proficient in, thereafter adding your Martial Arts bonus to that weapon. Pugilism may always be combined with Martial Arts skill.

Martial Arts also gives you a bonus to the number of attacks you can make in one round. Whenever you make an attack and wish to make another attack, or whenever an opponent attacks you and you want to counterattack, make a Reflexes roll. At Rank 1 Martial Arts, you must score an Excellent on this roll. At Rank 5, you must score a Good on this roll. At Rank 10, you must score a Fair, and at rank 15 or higher any level of success will do. If you succeed in this Reflexes roll, you may make an immediate attack after the above-listed circumstances, and may continue to do so a number of times over the course of one full round as you have ranks in the Martial Arts skill.