Characters may move in combat a number of feet over the course of each round equal to half of their Agility score rounded down, while still being able to perform whatever actions they may have. Thus, with an Agility of 45, the character could move 22 feet every round.

A character may run in combat at twice that speed, so the number of feet they can move in one round running is equal to their Agility. A character with an Agility of 45 can run 45 feet in one round. A running character will, however, get a -1 penalty on any actions they take that round. A character may sprint at double their Agility, but will not be able to perform any actions on that round.

A character may move half their regular movement speed, rounded up, while sneaking. If a character can sneak up to an opponent unseen, they gain a bonus that they can split between their attack and damage equal to the success rank of their Stealth roll.

Movement may take place any time, simultaneous to other actions. Thus, while a group of gunners fire on the party, the party may simultaneously be scrambling for cover. A character hit while moving may stand a chance of being knocked down.

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