Hero_At_Heart Wiki

Area of Influence: Fire, Anger, Wrath, Jealousy, War, Courage

Appearance: Pyrusis a tall and muscular man with coppery skin, wearing the pelts of  predatory animals and holding a great 2-handed sword in one hand or strapped to his back. He is clean shaven with his black hair in a long ponytail. He wears no shoes, but has bracelets and anklets made of igneus rock.

Personality: Pyrus has two faces that can appear on a moment’s notice. On one hand, he can be jocular and friendly, passionate about everything, and on the other hand he is nothing but unbridled fury. He is loud and boisterous and likes to drink.

Code of Ethics: Pyrus’ main desire is that his followers never run from any fight, whether it be with words or blades. His main rule is “If someone slaps you on the left cheek, smash them on the right cheek.” If you draw a blade for any reason, it must taste blood before you put it away, even if that blood must be your own.

Gifts: A drop of blood.

Spells: Pyrus allows a weapon being touched by the mage to burst into flame for five minutes, dealing extra fire damage.

Artifacts: The Seal of Pyrus, Incendiar: the Halbard of Courage, The Cup of Flames, The Eye of Tigris, The Bracers of Fury