Hero_At_Heart Wiki

Area of Influence: Plants and Mammals, Humor, Fertile Ground, Honor, Harvest, Revelry, Wine, Travel, Wilderness Survival

Appearance: Radia appears to be a Cornostian woman dressed as a ranger, weathered but beautiful. She wears clothes made of leaves and leather armor also tooled into the shape of leaves. She has emerald eyes and long, auburn hair done up in a bun. She carries an ornate rapier and a longbow.

Personality: Radia is knowledgeable of the wild, and mortals who encounter her can normally not tell that she is a goddess. She is helpful and kind, a strong leader and a great warrior, and loves (and often seems surrounded by) plants and animals.

Code of Ethics: Her followers must be skillful at wilderness survival, and must do their best to help others survive in the wild. They must protect plants and animals, and must punish those who hurt them.

Gifts: Radia must be presented with a single oak leaf.

Spells: Radia allows her followers to immediately know which direction to go to find towns or other landmarks, or lets them immediately discern which direction is north. She will also allow a spell  which lasts 6 hours and causes the party to remain unseen while they sleep.

Artifacts: The Seal of Radia, Wayfinder: the Rapier of the Wild, The Emerald of Radia, The Grail of Green, The Cloak of Glamour