Hero_At_Heart Wiki

The following is a list of runes. Each complete set of runes will come with one of each. There is no benefit to having more than one of each rune in a set.

Rune random roll% Name Meaning Runecasting Spell Action
E 1-4 The Torch The Light of Eras, healing, protection Helping the Weak
R 5-8 The Rising Sun The Sun, sunlight, Energy Seeing the Unseen
A 9-12 Amon the Watcher Warning, Protection, Alertness Guarding against Danger
S 13-16 Sira Fear, Ruin, the Dragon Acting While Terrified
G 17-20 The Guardian Navigation, Concealment from Danger Finding one’s Way
O 21-24 The Onyx Night, Shadow, Darkness, Invisibility Anything done at Night
D 25-28 Ardamir the Raven Death, Disease Being in danger of Death
Sh 29-32 Agasan of the Deep Speed, Hunger Acting without Preparation
K or C 33-36 Kogul the Mighty Endurance, Resistance Resisting Pain
I or Y 37-40 Stagamensus the Warlord Warriors, Combat Fighting
P 41-44 Sindarion the Magus Magic, Learning, Skills Spellcasting
blank space 45-48 The Horror Madness, Terror, Insanity Doing something for no reason
V 49-52 Anvil the Smith Craft, Art, Music, Smithing Creativity
U or W 53-56 Seetlie the Wasp Fire, Pain, Sadness Acting while in severe pain
F or Ph 57-60 Eldamor the Falcon Far Vision, Long Flight Focus rolls
T 61-64 Toshi the Seahorse Happiness, Joy, Luck Causing joy
L 65-68 Mount Lannax Home, Fortification Any action done while under siege
X 69-72 Leinothar the Phoenix Sacrifice, Sympathy Self-sacrifice
N 73-76 Arandim the Knight Love, Honor, Fidelity Generosity
J or Z 77-80 Telius the Judge Truth, Justice, Law, Order Upholding the law
M 81-84 Arlon the Messenger Bravery, Safe Journeys Standing in the face of adversity
Nd 85-88 The Unknown Maiden Beauty, Fertility Anything involving a female
B 89-92 Soliar the Lion Strength, Ferocity Feats of Strength
H 93-96 Lorath the Sage Knowledge, Wisdom, Finding that which is
Seeking knowledge or wisdom
Th 97-100 Krgnmrth the Vain Vanity, Self Selfishness