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Strength is how physically powerful a character is. This number helps to show things like your raw ability to lift or press weight, the force with which you can hit or swing a weapon, and your ability to physically overpower  someone or something. Certain skills like Blunt Weapons, Climbing, and others may be used in conjunction with Strength when the GM decides that the physical power of the body is responsible for successfully overcoming the situation with the use of the skill.

A Strength of 10 would be extremely weak, like that of a child.

A Strength of 30 might be that of a small, petite, physically weak adult woman.

A Strength of 45 is average.

A Strength of 60 might be the strength of a martial artist who focuses on body training.

A Strength of 80 is how strong a massive bodybuilder might be.

A Strength of 100 is the absolute limit that any human being could ever achieve, and only then through drugs or enhancements.