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Shape allows a mage to alter the overall shape of an object or energy, causing it to conform to his will. A mage could use Shape Light to create an illusion, or Shape Fire to bring up a flaming wall against his enemies. These things must already exist in order to be Shaped, and thus, if there wasn’t already fire to work with, the mage would have to start with a Create Fire spell before he could shape it into a wall.

Alter allows a mage to change the natural attributes of something. For example, he could Alter Fire to make the flames burn blue, or Alter Water to make a cool brook boil over.

The energy point costs of these spells is one point per full round or minute of duration. If you want a +1 bonus to the effectiveness rating of the spell, you can double this amount. If you want a +2 bonus, you can triple it. If you want a +3 bonus, you can quadruple it.

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