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Sigilism is the ability to create magickal effects by building them into symbols.

Prerequisites []

The Magician advantage, and Sigilism to know which sigils are required or to know how to make new ones (although a character may research such sigils without having to invent his own). In order to create talismans, amulets, or other objects permanently enchanted by inscription, you must also have Scriveningand a tool with which to scriven.


None necessarily, although most enchanters carry something they use to create sigils. Some may rely on inkwells and feather pens, cans of spraypaint, markers, a can of paint and a paintbrush, a carving knife, a woodburning kit, or a burin, which is a tool with a sharp end used to carve grooves into metal. A scrivener may even use a tattoo gun in order to scriven living flesh. Newly created characters may begin the game with the tools for use in sigilism.


In order to use Sigilism, the magician must either recall or create the sigil that will be used before beginning to cast the spell. The magician should roll Intellect modified by Sigilism. The result of this roll indicates the creation or remembering of an appropriate sigil and will act as an assistive roll for the casting of the spell. If the magician looks the sigil up in a spellbook, the GM must decide the quality of the spellbook and give it a rating which then acts as this assistive roll. If a sigilist creates his own sigil and writes it down in a spellbook, consider it to have the same rating as the first time he made it every time thereafter.


Energy is not required to create a sigil. The magician creates the center of the spell effect by placing the sigil there, and can create the area of effect by increasing the size of the sigil or by placing sigils at the corners of the area of effect. Duration will continue as long as the sigils remain whole and in place. It takes five minutes to create a sigil one foot square, which is the smallest size a sigil can be.


The magician creates the sigil or sigils and then must touch each and imbue it with power by making a Willpower roll. The result of this roll indicates the strength of the spell effect caused by the sigil.