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When the GM decides that a roll being made could incorporate the assistance of a skill the character has, he may inform the player which skill to roll against. The GM may allow the player to add together up to two skills that he feels may be helpful (for example, if the player wants to perform a karate chop to the larynx, the GM may allow him to roll on Martial Arts and Pressure Points).

For every rank in a skill that the character has, he adds five to the target number he will be rolling against. Although most skills have set attributes, such as Intellect for most knowledge skills, the GM may select which attribute he wants the character to use. For example, if a character is using the Swordsmanship skill to swing a sword wildly, the GM may make him use Agility. If he is using the sword more deftly, like a fencer, the GM may instead ask him to roll Dexterity.

Putting these ideas together, the GM will tell the player which attribute and skill to roll against, and the player will then start with his target number as the attribute in question and add five to it for every rank in the skill or skills he has.

Example: Using the karate chop to the neck idea above, let's say Jenn is doing the attack with a Dexterity of 65, a Martial Arts skill with a rank of 3, and 1 rank of Pressure Points. Her starting target number is her Dexterity, 65. She gets a bonus of 15 due to her Martial Arts skill (3 * 5 = 15), and a bonus of five from her one rank of Pressure Points. Adding this all together, her new Target Number is 85 (65+15+5). She rolls against it and gets a 44, which, being between half and 90% of her target, means she made a Fair success.