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Skills are those abilities which characters possess that indicate their ability to perform certain actions, be they physical, intellectual, or otherwise. Each skill is assigned a rank which indicates how good the character is at the skill in question. If, for example, Dexter has a skill with Handguns at rank 5, it means he is more skilled than someone with ranks 1-4, but not nearly as good as someone with a rank of, say, 10. He is capable of doing things with a gun that someone without the Handgun skill at all wouldn't even be able to dream of.

Skill Rank Calculation[]

For every rank in a skill a character has, any action they attempt using that skill is enhanced by +5. Thus, having five ranks in Handguns, Dexter would receive a +25 to his target number whenever attempting any action regarding handguns.

Skill Listing[]

A complete listing of skills from the Core Rules Set can be found here . Any additional skills can be found under their respective game settings.