Hero_At_Heart Wiki


STR: 5      INT: 10

AGL: 5      WLP: 5

DEX: 4      FTH: 5

REF: 4      FOC: 15

FOR: 20     PSY: 5

PER: 5      LCK: 50



Slimes are balls of living, sentient substances (they come in many colors and substances) which move through caverns devouring anything that comes across their paths. Their sizes vary from being the size of an orange to 10' by 10'. The entire surface area of their bodies is their only organ, and they do everything with it (see, smell, eat, digest, excrete, etc.). They attack by moving over a victim and then holding him there, slowly eating away at him over time (doing Mauling damage over every affected body part, the damage increasing in rank +1 rank for every foot of depth within the slime its target is located.


Slimes live in caves and ruins.