Hero_At_Heart Wiki

Spellcasting in ESPER is a fairly easy process, considering how customizeable it is. The magician must follow a set of steps in order to cast a spell:

  1. Ensure that the character has the Magician Advantage and knowledge of the spell effect he is trying to cast.
  2. Decide the scope of the spell. How large will the area of effect be? How far away from the magician will the effect take place? Look over the Energy Charts and add up the energy that will be required to cast the spell using the parameters you've decided on.
  3. Declare your intent to the GM. Make sure he agrees that what you are doing is possible and will cost as much energy as you've calculated it will.
  4. Use your chosen Magickal Method to raise the energy required. Instructions for energy raising are different with each type of magick. Normally, you will need to roll on the appropriate attribute (Willpower, Faith, sometimes Psyche) plus your skill in that type of spellcasting. The number of ranks of success you achieve (Poor=1, Fair=2, Good=3, Excellent=4, Exceptional=5) is the number of points you gain every turn. In combat, reroll every round, but out of combat, multiply this amount by six and this is the amount you raise every minute until the total energies required are raised. If you ever fail, you lose all the points you had raised up til that point. The magician may also spend Fortitude points, thus taking temporary Fortitude damage, in order to put that many energy points into his spell immediately. This damage can only be healed by rest.
  5. Once enough spell power has been raised, roll on the appropriate attribute (again, this could be different based on the type of method you're using) modified by the appropriate skill. The result indicates the level of success of your spell.
  6. The GM decides, based on the result of your roll and your intention, what happens.