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There are twelve Major Spheres of magic: Light, Darkness, Life, Death, Flora, Fauna, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Time, and Space. Each Sphere has a number of Minor Spheres under it. A starting mage may take a number of Spheres of Magic equal to the number of instances of the Magician Positive Characteristic he has chosen. Thus, if you have 3 ranks in Magician, you may choose
three Spheres of Magic. Note that it is up to the GM to decide exactly how the Spheres of Magic can be used in his story, and the limitations of combinations of spell effects and Spheres of Magic. If he decides “Create Faith” cannot be used to create a physical creature that represents faith, then that spell will have no effect. As a courtesy, he should tell the player before he decides to cast it.

Using Spheres In Which You are Not Proficient: A mage may use spheres of magic he is not proficient in. When casting a spell from a sphere that is not your own, refer to the table on this page. For every Major Sphere you are away, you are penalized by -1 rank. For every Minor Sphere you are away, you are penalized by -5 to your roll. Only count spaces on the horizontal or the vertical, never on the diagonal. For example: For a Life magician to use a Light spell, it requires a penalty of -2. To use Flora, it would be -3. For a mage that uses Health magic to cast a Truth spell, his roll would be penalized by -15. A mage that casts Fortitude magic could try for a Wisdom spell, which is the same number as Fortitude, so it would only invoke the -1 rank penalty, but if he tried to cast a Magic or Dexterity sphere spell, it would be one rank AND a -5 penalty to the roll. If he tried Love or Reflection, it would be -1 rank AND -10 to the roll.

The Spheres (and their Sub-Spheres)[]


Opposite: Death


1- Health

2- Regeneration

3- Hope

4- Truth

5- Fortitude

6- Intuition

7- Breath


Opposite: Fire


1- Cold or Ice

2- Sound

3- Love

4- Magic

5- Wisdom

6- Dexterity

7- Dreams/Sleep


Opposite: Darkness


1- Day

2- Warmth

3- Sight

4- Illusion

5- Joy

6- Honor

7- Faith


Opposite: Death


1- Touch

2- Blood

3- Agility

4- Hunger

5- Fertility

6- Empathy

7- Compassion


Opposite: Earth


1- Wind

2- Scent

3- Weather

4- Lightning

5- Electricity

6- Intellect

7- Friendship


Opposite: Darkness


1- Wood

2- Vitality

3- Reflexes

4- Growth

5- Medicine

6- Thirst

7- Poison


Opposite: Time


1- Gravity

2- Force

3- Size

4- Mass

5- Distance

6- Focus

7- Location


Opposite: Air


1- Metal

2- Machinery

3- Magnetism

4- Protection

5- Bravery

6- Strength

7- Wealth


Opposite: Space


1- The Future

2- Movement

3- Speed

4- Luck

5- Memory

6- Entropy

7- The Past


Opposite: Light


1- Night

2- Shadows

3- Fear

4- Sorrow

5- Vanity

6- Persona

7- Evil


Opposite: Water


1- Combat

2- Skill

3- Passion

4- Hatred

5- Justice

6- Willpower

7- Weaponry


Opposite: Life


1- Poison

2- Disease

3- Atrophy

4- Acid

5- Psyche

6- Insanity

7- Cold