Hero_At_Heart Wiki

Area of Influence: The Sky, the Sun, Gentle Breezes , Thunder and Lightning, Truth, Peace,  Children

Appearance: Sylph appears as an Elvantari adolescent girl. She has long pale blue hair and paler blue skin. The wind is contantly in motion around her. She wears a sun-colored robe with gold trim and a golden tiara.

Personality: Sylph is the most gentle and playful of all the spirits. She is very naïve and often  doesn’t understand some things she is presented with.

Code of Ethics: Sylph looks very kindly on the gentle, and those who protect children. She doesn’t mind if people stand up for themselves, but she hates when her adherents try to push their will on others.

Gifts: Sylph, when she appears, should be presented with a ribbon for her hair.

Spells: Sylph allows her followers to levitate themselves and everyone they can touch for ten  minutes, and she may also allow the raising of just enough wind to move a boat on a windless  day.

Artifacts: The Seal of Sylph, The Bow of Surespeed, The Tear of Truth, The Sundrop, The Wings of the North