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Talismanic magick is the use of a scrivened object created by a sigilist. The act of wearing such a talisman reacts with the subconscious mind of the person wearing the talisman, and allows that person to reap the magickal benefits of the item being worn or carried. The object that has been scrivened may even be the skin of the person, in the form of a tattoo, scar, or brand. Talismanic magicians may have many such talismans, amulets, items, or tattoos, but will only reap the benefits of one at a time. Talismanic spell effects may only effect the individual. Thus, if the talisman is cursed, the curse cannot be cast on someone else: it effects the bearer of the talisman.


None to wear and employ the power of the talisman, but the creator of the talisman must be a Sigilist.


The person who wishes to reap the benefits of a talisman must be in possession of the talisman and must be wearing it or carrying it. Only one talisman will be able to have effect at any one time, and if this character is carrying multiple magickally-imbued items, the one he wishes to use must be the only such item touching his flesh (magickal tattoos don't count… in this case the character must touch the appropriate tattoo with at least two fingers during the duration of the effect).


No energy is required for talismanic magick. As long as the character is wearing a talisman, he will continue to reap its benefits.


Spell effects last until the owner of the talisman loses or changes the talisman. As long as he is in possession of the talisman and it is touching his skin, it will be active. A Faith roll may be made to assist the talisman’s regular strength during times when it’s power is greatly needed, and acts as an assisting roll.