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Tebrians tend to have dark skin and dark hair, ranging from a light tan to a rusty brown. Their hair is normally either dark brown or black, but their eyes are commonly pale blue or green. They are of average height and build for humans.


Tebrians are very versatile, but ordinarily they aren’t very interested in magic.


Tebrians come from the island continent of Tebria.




The Tebrians are average folk, fishermen and farmers, sailors and bandits. Being the first to discover sailing ships has sent them all over the world. They are hard workers and live ordinary lives for the most part, but from among them have come some of the greatest heroes in history. When someone with an ordinary background steps out from the comforts of their ordinary life and realizes that there is a wider world around them, they often find themselves drawn to adventure and great deeds. So have many from the farmlands of Tebria come to find their names in the annals of the great men and women of history.

Innate Abilities[]

  • Skilled: Tebrians get to gain an additional five ranks to distribute among the skills they have, or to put into a new skill at character creation.

Racial Modifiers[]

STR: 0

AGL: 0

DEX: 0

REF: 0

FOR: 0

INT: 0

WLP: 0

FTH: 0

FOC: 0

PSY: 0

PER: 0

LCK: 0

Size: 1